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Our services

Our organisation is dedicated to the provision of really practical support that keeps families functioning and together during Mum’s cancer treatment.

Criteria and eligibility for support

There are some criteria for a mum to be eligible for Mummy's Wish services: 

  • Must have a current diagnosis of cancer by an Australian Medical Specialist and be receiving specialist approved treatment.
  • Must have at least one child 12 years or under.


To find out how to register for support, please Contact Us.

What type of support and assistance will you receive?

Once we have received your completed registration, you will be assigned a Mum's Support Coordinator who will work with the you to navigate a practical pathway through cancer treatment.

We understand every family is different and the support and information provided will be tailored specifically to the your needs. We take into consideration your diagnosis, existing support network, age of the children and most importantly what you feel comfortable with.

You will receive a Mummy's Wish Support Pack in the mail that contains a Compendium (to store important documents and keep notes), relevant information and resources including our 'Guide for Mums with Cancer', a few treats for you and a voice-recordable Comfort Bear for children under 12 years.

Some of the ways we have helped families in the past include:

  • a friendly chat with someone who knows what is going on
  • provide resources to help you talk to your kids about your illness and treatment
  • housecleaning and housekeeping
  • arranging delivery of nutritious family meals during treatment
  • hospital car parking vouchers
  • referrals to other support agencies best suited to the family's needs
  • memory making tips for terminal Mums

Your Mum's Support Coordinator will keep in touch with the you throughout your treatment and check in with you from time to time, to help minimise the distressing impact on the family.