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About us

Mummy’s Wish can’t change the outcome of Mum’s cancer journey,
but we can minimise the negative impact on the family unit.


Mission: To support Australian families with children aged 12 years and under through the provision of practical, immediate and non-means tested support whilst Mum is receiving treatment for cancer.

Vision: Manage the distressing impact of cancer on Mums and their family units.


Our founders know all too well the shock and fear associated with finding out you have cancer when you have a young family to care for. Learn more about our founder Bernadette’s story here.


Every day around Australia, 13 other families just like Bernadette’s have their lives turned upside down when they find out Mum has cancer. We have helped over 2,500 families since 2007 and expect that number to increase to 4000 Australian families by the end of 2018.


We know that every family’s situation is different and tailor our support for each family to ensure that these young families can keep functioning during Mum’s battle with cancer. The work that we do allows Mums undergoing treatment to cope with their illness and meet the physical and emotional needs of a young family. We connect with the Mums on diagnosis and are there to offer support during her full treatment journey.


Mummy’s Wish is an Australian registered charity and has been endorsed as a deductible gift recipient since 2007.  Learn more about our Governance here.